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The first time I met Segigo, the lead operating officer at Mustard Breed Studios, it was on the recording of Seunstics' 'Laye Mi'.
I knew I'm going to be working with this man again, not just because he is a creative music producer, with a knack for excellence, and patience for details,
but because he such a gentleman, amiable, unassuming, humble, easy to communicate with.

I've worked with many great producers, I always watch out for their character.

I appreciate people who carry their sense of self worth without intimidating others, and Segigo is such a person.
We've worked on one or two more featured projects, before eventually GOD gave me the song, 'Kosi', and I knew who would help me interpret it excellently, -Segigo.

Looking forward to working with the man of GOD again, on greater tunes soon.

                                                                                                               - Kenny K'Ore

tomi favored

Segigo's humility is only paralled by his indubitable expertise; evidenced by him bringing songs I've written to
to a new light! He does through his production, everything my mind wanted to do when actually writing the music by inspiration of the Holy Spirit. When i am to have a song produced, i usually make a musical sketch so the idea is perceivable to the producer. What i didn't expect however, was that Segigo would capture the very essence of the music, embrace it, and then adorn it with all the musical accessories appropriate to its message so much so that it ministers to the soul and spirit! Segigo is not just excellent at what he does and should be paid millions for it, it's like his gift of production is a calling in our generation to bring back some of the excellence in musical production some of the average Nigerian gospel musicians especially have not been privy to.

My song ALL OF ME produced by Segigo has been played on multiple radio stations in like Eko FM, City 105.1, KGRN, Gospel hotspot, Praise World radio, Unillorin FM, etc.

segigo is a music genius, who has a technique and sound uniquely his own in this generation. His un-mistakeable skilled attention to detail with music, sensitivity to the little nuances of anointing, and all-round superb-ability in creating sounds from heaven in music makes him the producer i want on my albums. I recommend Segigo to any and every one unapologetically.
- Tomi Favored.

Rapheal A. Macaulay

“My relationship with Segigo Ajo and Mustard Breed Studios is one I will always cherish. Seg is not just my producer, he my friend who sticks closer than others.

There are producers, and there are producers with a difference. Segigo Ajo, the CEO of Mustard Breed Studios, is of the latter. He is excellence oriented and driven. A man who loves God in words and deeds, His passion for what he does amazes me, and how he goes about it is inspiring.

At Mustard Breed Studios, music ideas are turned to reality; from raw to finish; from immaterial to material; they bridge the gap between “what was”, “what is”, and “what should be.” I have, and still enjoy working with Seg and Mustard Breed Studios.

It's a new dawn in music in Africa. It's a new dawn in music in Nigeria. It has started with the emergence of a studio like Mustard Breed, and a producer like Segigo Ajo.”
                                                                                                                        - Raphael A. Macaulay


Music has always been my lifestyle. It's the air I breathe. I believe I'm wired for it. Singing impactful music has always been my vision, and having someone to justify my sound has been a priority.

Eventually, I met this creative mind, Segigo Ajo. At first I was in doubt, yet I decided to give him a trial. Surprisingly, his sound reflected the exact picture of my music style. It's like taking me on a journey where there are no traffic jam.

Thank you Segigo, thank you for shaping my sound.

- Seunsticks

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