Michael Macaulay ~ Let’s Dance(Prod By. Segigo)

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Michael MACAULAY is a dynamic musician, an amazing song writer, composer and a soul lifting singer.
After his single ‘Without You’ that has gained few recognition among some Christian and secular communities both internationally and locally and still blessing lives since it’s release in May 2019. In his new release title ‘Let’s Dance’ Michael Macaulay decides to show his listeners the other side of him. One thing is certain you can’t help but both consciously and unconsciously groove to this song. It all begins by shaking your head and then you can’t hold back but get on your fit and express your gratitude to God in the Dance.
In his words; we have prayed about Covid-19, let’s do what Paul and Silas did in Acts 16:25. They didn’t just pray alone they switched to Praised. We have been praying about Covid-19 and we are still praying, while we continue with the former let’s also engage another spiritual weapon and that is Praise
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