Segigo Ajo is an intelligent music producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, Music director, with a unique & distinct touch on sound & also a business man with a promising future in the music industry & entertainment World, One who loves what he does & a Master at his Craft.

He is the Senior Studio Producer of Mustard Breed Studio and the CEO of Mustard Breed Enterprises. He is also Gifted, trained & skilled to produce music with quality of a uniquely distinct flavour in various genres such as : Alternative, Afro, Blues , Classical, Country, Dance, Electronica, Hip-Hop, Gospel, Rock , R&B, Genre Fusions e.t.c

SEGIGO is one man that has the combination of spirit, soul, & skill, as we fondly say "his hands have a mind of their own".. Most times, professional musicians know what they want to hear, but "sometimes" we don't, this veteran music producer somehow has access to Heaven's bank of sounds, to interpret even your unspoken mind.

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Segigo Ajo is not just another producer. He is a man of substance, whose heart for excellence makes him do excellent jobs. If there is anything I respect about this man, it's his heart for God. His humble spirit is not to be waved aside. His creative skill has placed him on the top chart of Nigeria's finest producers. Ajo Segigo is indeed one of the best producers in the world. And the thing is, he has only begun.