Are you a songwriter, singer or an instrumentalist who has a vision for your music but you do not quite know where to go or how to get it done? Then ask no further because you have found the ONE PLACE you can trust to bring your vision to life. We understand that your music is a reflection of your personality, an extension of you. We know how to capture the essence of your message and keep your personality in your music, while enhancing the overall sound and power of the music and message.

We specialize in complete Album Production from concept, through arranging to tracking, recording and mixing to mastering. With our team of writers, arrangers, producers, engineers, professionalism, your music will be crafted into an incredible recording project that will not only satisfy your creative need and enhance your original version but it will fit your budget as well. Working from a rough, unproduced version of your song, we will help suggest appropriate instrumentation, write vocals and instrumental arrangements, bring in the best talent to make the Recording Project great and worthwhile. We will capture your performance, surround it with incredible sound, mix it to perfection and master the final mixes. Whatever the style of your music –Contemporary, Rock, R&B, Gospel, Classical, Alternative, Pop, Country… you name it! We've got enough expertise to do all of these. Whether you are a veteran recording artist or just starting out, we have an incredible array of resources that add to what you need to complete your project.

Your music will be produced in a world-class Digital Recording Facility, featuring state-of-the-art equipments and more. We have complete, up-to-date, fully equipped studio, operated by professional hands with tons of talents and experience, ready to work for you. We’ll get it done right, on time and best of all… on budget! When you’re ready to do it right, MUSTARD BREED STUDIOS is the best place for your next project. And we know you’ll be comfortable in our well-equipped studio and with our services. Special hourly rates and competitive package rate plans are available. Be sure to ask for more information. Thank you.

 best value
 unsurpassed service
 consistent integrity &
 highest quality standards

Expertise and Services

We listen to you, We’ll find out what your message is, We’ll advise you on the best way to communicate it, We’ll record it with incredible skill, We’ll strengthen it with creative production techniques and a custom music & sound effects, We’ll master it to CD or other formats.


Performance tightening and pitch correction have become essential steps in modern record making. It’s a time consuming process that takes skill, experience and a good ear. We have years of experience and enough expertise of doing all sorts.


Our studio is ideal for production (Songwriting & Developing Ideas) -Acoustic Guitars, Overdub Recording, MIDI and Vocal Recording.


Our acoustically treated studio is great for mixing. Our compact system allows us to work fast and efficiently. Do you have a project you need mixed and mastered? We can! We can make it sound great!

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